• Is there a minimum age to ride Segways, what are the height and weight restrictions?
    We advise riders should be older than 10yrs. Riders need to be about 5.5-stone or over to allow the Segway to work efficiently, there is also a maximum weight of about 19 stone. Riders need to be about 4ft 7” minimum height (1m 40cm) and under 6ft 7” (2m) as the handle bars only adjust so much in relation to height. Riders must be able to handle a motorised type vehicle with confidence; Segways are classed as a vehicle in the same sense as quads and motorbikes are. If you and/ or your child would feel comfy riding a quad in an off road environment, then Segways should be OK for you.
  • How much will it cost to ride Segways?
    Our prices can be found on the pricing page on this website. For group activities and private bookings, send us an email and we’ll work out a price for you and discuss options.
  • How do I book my Segway experience voucher?
    If you have a voucher from a gift company or us directly, you need to click the ‘Book Now’ option on our home page and follow the instructions, you can also download comprehensive booking instructions from our downloads section on the website which will help you make a booking if you’re struggling. If you’re looking to book a private party or corporate booking please contact us directly. If you don’t have a voucher and you want to join a public session you can do this online too via the ‘Book Now’ option on our homepage.
  • I need to re-book my Segway experience?
    We appreciate people often need to change their bookings, which is why we operate a 14-day free of charge rebooking option. So if you need to rebook something, please email us or contact us directly and we will advise on how to rebook. You will INCUR A REBOOKING FEE you notify us of a change with less than 14-days’ notice before your booking. This is a one-off fee and must be paid should you wish to rebook and your within 14-days of your booking.
  • I can’t get through on the phone to speak to someone?
    Our admin office is open Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm, the office is closed at the weekends. However, please be aware we’re not a national corporation with a call centre employing hundreds of people! We’re one of the UK’s many successful, but small businesses. If you can’t get through on the phone please leave a message or preferably email us and we’ll get back to you. Our automated lines are designed to answer are most frequently asked questions, if you select option 5 on the menu, you’ll go straight through to staff if available.
  • I’m booked in and I’m running late on the day, what happens?
    Please note we ask that you arrive onsite about 15-mins prior to your start time and it’s your responsibility to get to us ON TIME. About 5-10mins before your session start time our site managers will ring all customers who have still yet to arrive (on the telephone number you gave us when you made your booking), in order to find out where you are and get your estimated arrival time. Please be aware most of our sessions are group sessions and there is likely other people in the group not just you; as per our T&C’s we do not delay everyone else if you’re unable to make it on time and you will either lose your booking or will have to pay a rebooking fee to come another day. Once a session has started it is highly unlikely you will be allowed to join in as you will have missed important information and training which we give to the group as a whole at the start of the session. We have a busy schedule to keep on Segway operating days and we ask ALL CUSTOMERS ARRIVE 15-mins before you are due to ride.
  • Is my booking going ahead?
    On the day of your booking, you need to call 0800 1 70 70 74 and listen to OPTION 2, the message on this option will confirm whether we’re running or not. If we have to cancel an activity we will send you a text message and email (sent to the registered numbers you gave us when making your original booking) with rebooking info and details; the recorded message on Option 2 will also be changed to say ‘we’re not running’ (please note the Option 2 message will be changed as soon as we make a decision to cancel and should be ‘correct’ by 9am-930am on opened days). So if you don’t hear from us and the message says we’re running, assume we’re running! We will contact you as noted above should we have to cancel.
  • I’m lost and can’t find Segway Unleashed?
    Please note it’s your responsibility to get to us ON TIME and at the right location. We advise you use our printed directions which can be downloaded from our contact page and don’t rely on a SatNav. If you are lost on the day you can ring: 0800 1 70 70 74 and choose option 3 and our recorded message will give you advice on how to find us (as most people, if they do get lost end up in the same place, the recorded message is often enough to find us).
  • I haven’t received or can’t download the session photography I purchased on the day?
    If you’ve bought photography from us and you have not received the email link, then firstly check your SPAM folder as often the link from YOUSENDIT/HIGHTAIL will go in there. If you still can’t find it, then please email us on: stating what day, time and location you rode on and we’ll resend the pictures to you. If you are trying to download the file to your phone or tablet it WON’T work, you MUST download the picture file to a computer. For downloading instructions please visit the ‘Downloads’ section of this website where you can view full instructions to help you download the images. If you’re still struggling, please email us directly.
  • Are Segways Dangerous/easy to ride?
    If you can fall off a bike you can fall off a Segway... or anything for that matter. However we’re experts in training people to ride safely and confidently, staff are first-aid trained and we never push you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. The Segway’s are actually surprisingly easy to ride and have amazing built in stability control, so falling off is fairly difficult to do (but not impossible). We’ve had a vast age range and ability levels from children to pensioners, ride with us, safely, confidently and with maximum enjoyment!
  • What do I wear on a Segway?
    Miniskirts and high heels are not advised!!!! Remember we’re an outdoor activity, you need to wear loose, easy to move in clothing and flat shoes (trainers or boots are ideal – NOT flip-flops or heels!). If it’s cold and/or wet, wear appropriate clothing. You might get muddy so if you think you’ll need a change of clothes or shoes, bring some with you. We don’t provide raincoats or overalls I’m afraid!
  • What happens if it’s raining, is the weather a factor?
    Segway’s are fine running in the rain (most of the time), it’s not great for us or you, but it has to be seriously chucking it down, making it unsafe for you and us before we cancel. Light drizzle, on and off showers and medium winds won’t force a cancellation (unless the ground is already waterlogged). We also need to look at saturation levels on the ground too, if we’re waterlogged, we won’t run. If we do have to cancel we will contact everyone ASAP to let you know and we advise all our riders to call us on the day of their activity to check we’re going ahead.
  • Do you sell refreshments onsite?
    Yes we do... it’s not the Ritz, it’s not even McDonalds, but we do have cold drinks, tea and coffee, on sale at the sites (subject to availability).
  • Can I hire a Segway to use at my own venue?
    Yes you can. Visit our ‘Offsite Events’ section on the website for full details and information. You will most likely need to call us to discuss as we don’t just hire Segways out without instructors present the whole time. So if your plan was to hire a Segway to ride around all weekend with some mates, we wouldn’t be able to help you... But if you’re looking at Segways for an event, media activity, corporate day etc. we’d be more than happy to discuss.
  • Do you offer other activities?
    Not at present, we’re a full on Segway company. We are fairly flexible, so if you wanted to do something like Segway and Archery (for example – and not at the same time, that’d be a bit too dangerous!) we would happily look to bring another supplier in and create an event based on your requirements (if it was suitable). However, we do not offer anything other than Segway riding as ‘a standard product’ at the moment.
  • What’s the biggest group size you’ll take?
    We’ve been at corporate events with 90+ people; however these days are not exclusive Segway events and we make up part of an overall activity (and these are generally away from our Godstone site). But if you’re just riding the Segway’s at Godstone, we’d say ‘large groups’ of 18-21 are fine and doable without too much hanging about. We will advise, cost and run all our group events on a job by job basis, so send us an email and we can discuss your requirements.
  • Are Segways easy to ride?
    We think so... it’s all about your confidence; we’ve trained the most nervous and inexperienced riders, to guys who ride superbikes for fun, and so far we’ve never had someone who couldn’t do it! The Segway’s are amazing and do a lot of the work for you, they are so unique they are almost indescribable, but we’ve had successful riders from children to guys well into their 70’s!!!
  • I’ve heard Segways are illegal in the UK?
    They’re not illegal to buy, however they are illegal to ride on or in any public highway or place. So you can’t ride them on the road, pavement, bridleway’s, or in the park. Segways can only be used on private land with permission. A Segway is technically classed as a vehicle and like any vehicle, cannot be ridden without proper training and insurance.
  • Are you insured?
    Of course. Segway Unleashed is owned and operated by Stansted Ventures Ltd and has been working in the events and activities business since 2007. We’re a Limited, VAT registered, UK based company who ensure our business has all the necessary credentials, insurances and procedures in place to ensure safety, enjoyment and compliance to UK legislation.
  • Do we need to provide our own safety clothing?
    We’ll sort you out with a helmet (full face), and these MUST be worn at all times without question. If you have a motorbike/Moto-X helmet that you want to bring and wear that’s fine (just let us know and we’ll check it’s ok/suitable). We use/provide full face Moto-X helmets onsite for your safety. Knee and elbow pads are available on request but are optional.
  • Do I need to sign anything before I ride the Segways?
    We have a standard disclaimer that you have to sign before you go on the Segways. Our staff will make sure you meet health requirements before we deem you fit to ride. Please email us if you have any medical conditions that you think could be an issue when riding the Segway’s. Our T&C’s have a list of criteria you must meet before signing our disclaimer.
  • How much is a Segway, can I buy one from you?
    Segways are not cheap; they’re about £5500 to £6000 new. If you’re interested in buying a Segway please have a look our ‘Buy a Segway’ option on this website. Adventure Leisure & Events Ltd (who own and operate Segway Unleashed) are also owners of PURE SEGWAY, the official Segway dealer for the South of the UK, their website is:
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