Offsite Events/Shows/Hire/TV & Media

Segway Unleashed is fully insured to bring our amazing off-road Segway X2's to your venue (as long as it's suitable) for the ultimate experience at your own location and/or event.

We have attended numerous fantastic offsite venues for a variety of occasions and are frequently asked for our availability for use at:

  • Weddings
  • TV and Film Work
  • Birthday Parties/Special Occasions
  • Country Manors/Large Corporate Days
  • Media Events
  • Promotions/Exhibitions/Advertising
  • Rider Training
  • Large Events/Festivals/Shows

With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee to provide an offsite package to meet your requirements and deliver some Segway based fun to your event, shoot or occasion.

Our experience with filming & Media/TV work is quite extensive and is something we are often asked to get involved with, so you know you're in competent, safe hands with us. We have worked on shoots for: Alan Carr - Chatty Man, Citroen Vans, Costa Coffee, Rakuten, Buyagift, Fabreeze and have supported numerous production companies such as: ITV, Asylum SFX, Roebuck Productions, Hot Sauce and Loki to name a few. We're a professional outfit with over 7-years experience, quality staff and a 'can do' attitude. If you require Segways for media and filming jobs, big and small, please get in touch so we can look at the job and give you a quote.

We are often asked the same questions about offsite events so please see if any of your initial thoughts are answered below or contact us directly to discuss your requirements further:

  • Offsite jobs always require one or more members of Segway Unleashed staff to be with the machines and/or group at all times, we do not allow unsupervised hire of Segways.
  • Segways have a battery life of 2-4 hours depending on use, weather and terrain. Battery recharge from empty to full takes 7-hours, so an 'all day hire' with 'continuous use/riding' is not possible on any Segway. However, if being used sporadically or 'on and off' during the day, then battery life will be much longer (we can even put it on charge between uses). We will advise on Segway usage/battery on a job to job basis, so just ask us.
  • Ideally your proposed site/venue will be flat (grass fields are great, concrete is fine it just hurts more if you fall off!), we can run Segway activities in areas of 25m x 25m and bigger. However if you have any concerns about your proposed location just speak to us. It's also up to you to ensure your proposed venue is happy for Segways to be used there!
  • When offsite we obviously cannot run an identical package as we offer at our permanent locations, however we have various games and equipment we can bring to ensure you have a great experience.
  • We still require safety disclaimers to be signed when offsite, we also require that all safety equipment is correctly worn and will be provided as part of an offsite package.
  • Segways are ILLEGAL in the UK to be used on any public highway or public areas, so you can't ride them on the roads or in towns/cities. Segways have to be used on/in private land or controlled consenting areas.
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