Weekday Only Booking

Before proceeding you must confirm the voucher/s you are about to redeem are WEEKEND ONLY Vouchers - e.g. Groupon, Amazon Local, Living Social, Mighty Deals etc. and that your voucher HAS NOT EXPIRED.

If you wish to use this voucher on a weekend, you need to select the 'Upgrade for Weekend Use' in the previous section, as the following diary will only show weekdays.

In the following diary, opened days will have the word 'book' beneath them, once you have clicked 'book' you will then see the sessions running that day, if a session says 'fully booked' it means it is full and you will have to select another date/time/session that will allow you to book. Once you have found an open session please select the correct amount of spaces you require, if you cannot select the amount of spaces you need from the outset you will again need to find another date/time/session that will allow you to select the required spaces for your booking.

All Vouchers/bookings will be checked upon booking and if your voucher is not valid for your selected day/date, you booking will be cancelled by Segway Unleashed and you will have to rebook.

Click here to confirm the Voucher/s I am redeeming is valid for my selected date and has not expired

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